Master Key Journey, Week 21

I wasn’t sure that I was making progress in creating my new world. Perhaps I’m doing better than I thought . . . .

I had recently applied for a group exercise instructor position with a popular gym. I didn’t really care about the position—I applied because my best friend joined and wanted me to work out with her in the morning. Did I really need another daily work out considering that I teach 12-15 classes a week . . . no. However, I know that having a workout buddy helps one stick to a fitness regime AND it helps my best friend. This is my act of kindness for her.

Okay. When the gym was ready to hire, the position that was close to my house was no longer available because the instructor for the class I was going to take over had decided not to leave. The only position available was across town (definitely not close to my house), nets less because of transportation costs, and was not a particularly convenient time. Oh, well. I need to be able to work out with my friend, right? So, I was hired and I took the position.

Then, a few weeks later in a conversation with my supervisor about the original position, she started musing that perhaps she could find someone who could work at another gym at the same time that would free up the position for which I had originally applied. Surprise! Just what I wanted. Just like Haanel said . . . the right people, the right circumstances, to create what you want. Yes, even baby steps are good. 🙂



Master Key Journey, Week 20

“I live this day as if it is my last. And if it is not, I shall fall to my knees and give thanks.” These last two sentences in Og’s scroll 5 hit me deeply every time I read them. I think of how much of my life I have taken for granted. I won’t say that I have not been grateful to have my life, but I do think, perhaps, that I haven’t been grateful enough.

“This day is all I have and these hours are now my eternity. . . . I lift mine arms with thanks for this priceless gift of a new day.” These words truly emphasize for me how wonderful it is to have another day to live, work, play, love—whatever I can create, whatever I am graced enough to experience. Then Mark added, “What am pretending not to know?” to the end of that paragraph. WOW! Did someone just drop a brick wall on me? That’s the way it feels every single time I read that sentence, which was even more effective for me added to the scroll than to the flash cards. I realize that there is much that I am pretending not to know.

I have SO much work to do to accomplish some of the things in my DMP. When I read the sentences above, I am truly thankful that I am here another day to continue working toward my DMP. Creating your own reality, of course, takes practice and persistence, so I also pray that I will have the opportunity to journey forward.

Master Key Journey, Week 19

So close but so far away! Close to the end of class but far away from some of my DMP goals. I know that change is coming with every practice session of the skills, and on this I must focus. My goal, of course, is mastery. But that, too, takes time. I often think that patience should be one of the virtues on that list of ours. I’m sure you’ve heard the prayer: God, give me patience . . . and give it to me NOW!

Another thought I’ve often had is that some of the virtues should be paired together. Doesn’t the person who exhibits courage have to take initiative? Isn’t the person using self-control also exhibiting discipline? Isn’t the person who is persistent deciding to do so? Etc., etc., etc. No matter, little dots can go in any category.

Speaking of initiative, a young woman came to my Body Pump class for the first time who never had lifted weights before. She had decided that it was time to try and see how she did. We had a few minutes before class for me to show her the basic form and movements. I must say, she did exceedingly well with better form than some of my regular pumpers. She was my hero for the day! She got five dots on my virtues list: the obvious ones—courage, initiative, decisiveness, but also self-control and discipline. Why? If you could have seen her powering through some of those challenging tracks you, too, would have seen the self-control and discipline at work. Great job and thank you, Marlaine!

Master Key Journey, Week 18

This week I experienced a few interesting things. Yes, I am still battling my old blueprint; yes, I am still working to have more successful sits; yes, I have answered the call and continue on my hero’s journey working for a better world within for my world without. Those things said, someone in my apartment building stole some things from my garage area, I left my laptop in a public bicycle basket, and my backpack was stolen that contained my $800 eyeglasses and a Bose SoundLink player.

So, following my initial feelings of violation, I chanted my mantra and opened my heart to the universe and prayed that those who were now in possession of things that were once mine were enjoying their new belongings.

As I look back at Haanel’s lesson 9, among others, I remember that I am the perfect mechanism only operating inefficiently. The MKMMA is helping me build my experience and efficiency, although I clearly need more work. I understand that the aforementioned occurrences are of my own making. That is, as before, still a challenging concept to accept. Nevertheless, it is apparent to me that the universe is sending me a message! I felt that kick in my behind!! I’m picking up my feet to carry on this journey with a more joyful step and am moving along even better now . . . .

Master Key Journey, Week 17HJ

Review week! While I love new material, it’s nice to have a little time to go back and review what came before. Haanel is the master and sometimes, for me, his writing takes a few reads to be sure I really have his points under my belt.

First to be reviewed was lesson 9. This was SO appropriate for me as it was our introduction to “the truth” and the affirmation that I use daily and whenever I am confronted with negativity, stress, confusion, or anything that doesn’t help me grow: I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy. It is my mantra, my shield for the mental diet, my guide for living my life. I remember when I first recorded this for my listening pleasure, it sounded like a dirge. Upon my first instance of playing the recording, I immediately doubled over in hysterics. How ironic that I had made something that was meant to be uplifting sound exactly the opposite.

Also of great import to me in lesson 9 was Haanel’s statement about visualization, how it is the mechanism of the attachment we require. There it was again, though less daunting than when I first began this journey: “Visualization is a very different process from seeing; seeing is physical, and is therefore related to the objective world, the ‘world without,’ but Visualization is a product of the imagination, and is therefore a product of the subjective mind, the ‘world within.'” When I started my journey to harmony and read in Haanel’s first lesson that “the world without is a reflection of the world within,” I was terrified. I looked at my world without, which was in chaos, and now had been told that this (chaos) was a reflection of my world within.

Now, I no longer feel terrified. I feel grateful that I have been given the tools to change my reality. Yes, it is a journey that takes focus and persistence as I continue to master the tools. I am intensely thankful to be making the journey, no matter how long it takes! As Og said, “so long as there is breath in me, that long I (will) persist.”

Master Key Journey, Week 17

Seeking more occurrences of virtues this week was part of this week’s fun assignment. Just as I found that searching for random acts of kindness was fun, I found that searching for those with imagination, my choice for this week’s virtue, was equally as fun although not as easily spotted.

I needed use my imagination (smile) to find places where people (and kids, since they’re people, too) were using or likely to be using imagination. Okay, this was a little more challenging. Luckily, I often work at a center that has LOTS of little kids at various levels of pre-kindergarten. I saw a group toddle by—some of the kids were yawning, some were chattering, some were saying hello, and a couple seemed to be in a world of their own, still moving with the group but clearly focused on something else—imagination? I’ll say yes!

I love the show Master Chef Junior. Talk about people (kids and adults) using imagination! First, these kids are ages 8-12 (sometimes 13, but not this season). The imagination on the adults’ part is thinking of ways to not only keep the kids entertained and engaged but also to properly challenge them. For the kids, this seems to be an easy thing. Every single one of them (the show started with 24 kids!) has already imagined their own restaurant or bakery and had already created their own (kids’ style) cookbook. And, to top it off, we’re looking at least one other virtue here, as I think you might agree, these kids are courageous!! Plus, sprinkled throughout the show were plenty of RAKs as well. These kids are amazing. Love it!


Master Key Journey, Week 16

We were focused on kindnesses rendered this week: those we could do anonymously, those done by us, those done by others. Often little kindnesses are not noticed—a door held here or there, making or space for people to stand or sit on a bus or subway. It was refreshing to take a longer, broader look at kindness. Those little kindnesses, it seems, really aren’t so little or common, especially when you’re looking for them.

Where I saw fewer kindnesses was on the road; impatience often rules there. It was nice to see drivers not trying to inch by pedestrians when they had barely walked by or wait for a pedestrian to completely cross the street before screeching away leaving rubber on the road. It was nice to see kind drivers allow the impatient drivers to merge, even if the impatient drivers were where they shouldn’t be (although, heretofore, I was not one who would do this as I felt the rest of us who were waiting patiently should not be subjected to such unfairness). Okay! Yes, I now employ the Law of Forgiveness rather than begrudgingly wail because I have five more cars in front of me. I’m listening to my recordings and using my mantra: I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy!!

It was nice to see the participants in my fitness classes set up for others who were running late and sometimes just to be kind. An 80-yr. old participant started that trend last year. Of course, I always thanked her for helping, but one evening I asked her why she set up for everyone. (She literally sets up for me and at least five others in addition to herself! She really is a dear.) Her response was that it was one of her ways of being in service. And guess when I asked her? This was around the second month of the 2015 MKMMA. She was/is definitely in the flow of abundance and clearly an excellent role model for me and my new blueprint.